Golf Fee

Golf Fee

Operation Hours


Every Monday to Friday: 5:20 – 19:30

Every Saturday to Sunday: 5:00 – 20:00



The operating time of Driving range from April,  25th 2022.
   -  Monday:  From 8am to 8pm
   - Tuesday to Saturday: From 6am to 8pm
   -  Sunday: From 6am to 6pm
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Our tee-time schedule opens 15days in advance for members to make online reservation.
Daily reservation between 7:00 to 18:00.

Hot-line: (+84) 274 3860 123 Fax: (+84) 274 3860 166

Direct Phone No: (+84) 0915 578 300 / 0124 3860 123

E-mail: booking@twindovesgolf.vn


Rules and Regulations





1 - Safety instruction by caddies and marshals must be obeyed at all times.

2 - Buggy operating instruction must be carefully read and followed.

3 - Both in Practice and Play, always make sure that No one is near you when you swing the club, and No one is ahead of you where your shot might hit them.

4 - Under 12 years old players shall be accompanied by an adult.

5 - Under 5 years old players shall be accompanied by an adult and must have the approval from Golf Management.

6 - Player who rent Buggy, Clubs, Shoes or other equipment must takes fully responsibilities on any damage in rental period.

7 - When the Siren is turned during the heavy rain, all players should evacuate to the nearest tea-house or rain shelter.  Play shall be resumed when the siren is turned for the second time.




1 - Each Golfer must have one set of clubs and caddie for his/her own – no sharing of clubs is allowed.

2 - The appropriate golfing attire must be worn at all times on the golf course – Jean, short shorts, shirts without collars and tank tops are not acceptable; Soft spike shoes are required.

3 - Players must ensure:

a. Bunkers are raked, Pitch-marks on Green are repaired, and Divots are filled.

b. No slow play:

- Maximum 4h40’ for 18 holes; 2h20’ for 9 holes.

- Slow groups wave faster groups through.

- Marshall’s instruction must be obeyed.

c. All lemon grass area will be considered as lateral water hazard and defined by the cut of grass edge as the line. 

d. All boundaries for Out of Bound (O.B), Lateral and water harzard are defined by the cut grass edge as the line. Not using a straight line of sight between the stakes.


4 - Avoid making loud noises or disturbing other players.

5 - Buggy must be on car path under any circumstances.

6 - Maximum 02 players and 02 caddies per one Buggy.

7 - Tee Markers available:

- Gold tee marker is available for single handicap Golfers 1 to 9.

- Blue tee marker is available for Golfers whose handicap is from 10 to 18.

- White tee marker is available for Gentlemen.

- Red tee marker is available for Ladies.

8 - Golf course properties and other private properties that surround the Golf course should be respected 

9 - Members take fully responsibilities for his/her guest’s behavior during the time at club.

10 - Use of range balls should be prohibited on Golf course.




1 - Tee time must be booked in advance: Maximum 15 days in advance for members; maximum 7 days in advance during weekday and 3 days during the weekend for non-member if available.

2 - Any cancellation must be confirmed at least 02 days in advance.

3 - Three time of no show–up will result in losing booking privilege for three month. Members who regularly “no show”, will be referred to the Management and a restriction on prime time bookings will be imposed.

4 - Number of Player:

- Weekend & Holidays: Maximum four (04) players; Minimum three (03) players per one group.

- No more TWO (2) GOLFERS IN ONE (1) flight allowed on Saturdays and Sundays (All flights require more than 3 golfers per flight, From 2014, there is no more two (02) golfers per flight even for Saturday early morning and Sunday afternoon)

- If booked more than THREE (3) golfers, but only has TWO (2) Golfers in the flight, golfers are required to pay for THREE (3) golfers.  Weekend vouchers can be accepted for the no-show person’s fee.

- Weekdays: TWO (2) players per one group (for Non-member); Members are allowed to play alone on weekdays subject to tee-time availability.

5 - Available Tee-times:

- From Monday to Sunday :                     Morning Tee-time:           from  5:53am  to   8:06am

                                                                    Afternoon Tee-time:       from 11:20am  to  13:33pm


- Interval tee time is 7 minutes; in case of night game is 7 minutes.

- The tee time can be changed up to the weather or other operation condition. Any changes will be confirmed by receptionist.

6 - Golf rule :  Follow R&A Golf rules and Local rule on Score Cards.




1 - Rental equipment is available at the Reception Desk.

2 - In case of the rain:

Starting the 3rd holes, charge 9 holes.
Starting the 12th holes, charge 18 holes.
Less than 2 holes , free of charge.

3 - Players must register to check in. Unregistered play on course is not allowed. Gallery and walking are not allowed on weekend and Holiday.




1 - Players should report to the Starter at least 5 minutes before booked tee-off time.

2 - Any late arrival must wait until there is an opening in which the Starter can slot in.



- Any complaint letters, please put into comment box.

- Contact directly to Golf Operation Manager.


Twin Doves Golf Club, 1st January, 2014

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